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Use the BTM Tool and Machine search box at the bottom of this page to find information on machine tools. This page provides links to a collection of information resources on other kinds of tools that can be obtained online. You might be looking for tools for home maintenance, to work on your car, or for a hobby.

Sources for Tools Online

Amazon.Com has a large selection of tools. I have found their selection and prices to be extremely good.

If you are looking for used tools at a good price, and don't need the tool right away, consider checking ebay. Here you may find tools that are no longer needed by their owner, because they are no longer in business, or because they bought the newest version and have the ealier version to get rid of. You will end up bidding and having to wait for the auction to close, but you can save 50% or more, depending on the results of the auction. Check the price of the item elsewhere and consider the condition of the item because it is also possible ot pay bid too high.

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